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Things Pondered

One of my favorite things about the Christmas story, and one that stands out to me even more now in my life, is where it says “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart” Luke 2:19.  I just feel like, especially now being a momma, that I … Read More >>

Joy Decisions

  So I’ve documented a lot of the big things that have stood out as huge “foundation stones” in this journey of joy and motherhood.  And I wanted to include a myriad of little bits that still remain, but didn’t warrant a post in and of themselves.  … Read More >>

Crippling Indecision

So there are some of you wonderfully logical, decisive types out there that will possibly read this post and it will make no sense. Bless you. You’re one of the lucky ones in this regard. But, maybe you should go ahead and read it to understand the rest of us … Read More >>

Know when to Call It…and when to be Illogical

    We took a long trip this summer, 6 weeks after our third daughter was born. We drove through the night the first night, it actually went very well…and were super excited to be at the Badlands the following morning. The first stop on our … Read More >>