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The Joy Experiment: All or Nothing Thinking

So I had this lovely goal to write my daughters a letter on their birthdays. Then I realized that I’ve missed a few…so feel like giving up the idea altogether. I decide I’m going to be more consistent with prayer and reading the Word. Three days into my … Read More >>

The Joy Experiment: Loving the Man you are Actually Married to

“Do you like the way I love you?” This was a question poised to her daddy by my five year old. It has rang around in my brain and heart for a little while…when she said it, I had a feeling there was some meat in her innocent little question. My husband … Read More >>

The Joy Experiment: Cease. Striving.

You know those movies, where there’s a battle scene, or a critical part of a baseball game when the accuracy of a pitch means everything…when the deafening sounds suddenly silence, and it is only the main character and goal at hand that come into focus, the … Read More >>

The Joy Experiment: Their Behavior is not about You

We’ve all been there as moms. The heat is creeping up our back as our child throws a fit in the check-out aisle, or says something mean to another kid, or continues to push the limits over and over in an inconvenient place, or talks back to us around other … Read More >>