What is Play Therapy?

Association for Play Therapy

Amy is a proud member of the Association for Play Therapy (A4PT). The association has affiliated organizations throughout the … Read More >>

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Creative Balance

I was recently at a conference and my attention was drawn to a really beautiful truth and I couldn’t help but expound on it. It was a breakout session on the importance of music on the brain, quite fascinating actually.  Anyway, the the guy doing the breakout … Read More >>


I wrote this a long time ago, after a heartbreaking evening with a woman that I love dearly, where the pain was so evident, and so much of the pain rooted in lies she believed about herself.  I tried to speak truth to combat the lies, but as is often the case, … Read More >>

Jesus in the Middle

            Meeting Jesus in the middle, and what it means, I've been pondering this, my friend. In the in-between times, without the excitement of the beginning or the end. So much importance in the mundane, … Read More >>

7 Year Itch

  Yesterday I was discussing marriage with a group of fellow moms. And as I sat there, reflecting, my heart felt very thankful, and there existed within me a peace that was not there two+ years ago in regard to my marriage. Two years ago would have … Read More >>