The Joy Experiment: All or Nothing Thinking

So I had this lovely goal to write my daughters a letter on their birthdays. Then I realized that I’ve missed a few…so feel like giving up the idea altogether. I decide I’m going to be more consistent with prayer and reading the Word. Three days into my week or three weeks into my month, […]

The Joy Experiment: Loving the Man you are Actually Married to

“Do you like the way I love you?” This was a question poised to her daddy by my five year old. It has rang around in my brain and heart for a little while…when she said it, I had a feeling there was some meat in her innocent little question. My husband recently left for […]

The Joy Experiment: Cease. Striving.

You know those movies, where there’s a battle scene, or a critical part of a baseball game when the accuracy of a pitch means everything…when the deafening sounds suddenly silence, and it is only the main character and goal at hand that come into focus, the background noises fading out…well…this is my somewhat lame attempt […]

The Joy Experiment: Their Behavior is not about You

We’ve all been there as moms. The heat is creeping up our back as our child throws a fit in the check-out aisle, or says something mean to another kid, or continues to push the limits over and over in an inconvenient place, or talks back to us around other adults. And…it’s super tempting to […]

The Joy Experiment: Let’s Talk about Anger

Sitting on the floor, tears streaming down your face. Overwhelmed by shame, paralyzed by guilt, you submit yourself to the mental diatribe of “failure,” “bad mom,” “you should know better,” and a host of other words of defeat. You blew up at your kid again, feeling like you had a tantrum right along with your […]

The Joy Experiment: He Knows our Time and Seasons

Ah, ladies, mommas. I cannot tell you how I wrestled with how my life slowed down after having children. I know, I know…it also sped up in some ways…constantly being needed 24/7, being responsible to keep a tiny human alive—and in my case, with my first, one who cried ALL THE TIME for the first […]

The Joy Experiment

So…I’m just going to say from the get-go here that I’ve wrestled with this.  I’ve wrestled with the thought that I would have something important enough to say that would justify putting this together…I mean, we are inundated with information on a constant basis, and I’ve often thought, what do I have to say that […]

I, Muddy Clay-Freedom at the End of Yourself

“He brought me up from a desolate pit, out of the muddy clay (mud and mire), and set my feet on a rock.” Psalm 40:2 CSV I’ve loved this Psalm for a long time, and recently was listening to a fellow momma talk about it and she said in regard to this verse, “What if […]

Creative Balance

I was recently at a conference and my attention was drawn to a really beautiful truth and I couldn’t help but expound on it. It was a breakout session on the importance of music on the brain, quite fascinating actually.  Anyway, the the guy doing the breakout session said that most people would say that […]


I wrote this a long time ago, after a heartbreaking evening with a woman that I love dearly, where the pain was so evident, and so much of the pain rooted in lies she believed about herself.  I tried to speak truth to combat the lies, but as is often the case, her heart and […]