I wrote this a long time ago, after a heartbreaking evening with a woman that I love dearly, where the pain was so evident, and so much of the pain rooted in lies she believed about herself.  I tried to speak truth to combat the lies, but as is often the case, her heart and mind could only take in so much. So I came home and wrote this out of a broken heart, and began to pray Isaiah 61 over her. Let me tell you; if you or someone you love is bound, Isaiah 61:1-7 is powerful to pray. Anyway, I quite randomly came across this again last night and just felt perhaps I should put it on the blog and share it, in case God wants to use it somehow in the heart of a woman who has a hard time believing who He created her to be.


Rejected, dejected; disappointment, disappointed; cast down, bound; insufficient, inadequate; unqualified, worthless. The first being done or communicated through words or actions, the second being the “lesson” learned.  A captive bound.

Humble servant, gifted giver, born caregiver, compassionate friend, faithful companion, loyal soldier, unconditional lover, patient guide…these the core of a lady brimming with untapped passion and potential, waiting to be grown by the light of her Maker.

Who are these women? They are one.  They are of the same person; both are living and breathing reality.  The second is little discovered by the people of her world, even by herself; but is clear to those who look…to those who have taken time to listen and know.

The first woman holds the second one back.  Oh, if only the first would be conquered!  If only the first would merge into the second and let the Maker set them free!   How He would take the ashes of the first to enhance the beauty of the second!  Yet the Maker who loves both women so desperately is thought by the first to not know the second.  But He does, intimately, for there is no one like her in the world.  He created her to be the woman only she can be and to do what only she can do.  If given free reign, how He would use the ashes adorning the first to make a crown of beauty for the second.  “…To crown her with beauty instead of ashes, and give a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.”

About Amy Fitzwater

Amy Fitzwater is a child and family counselor who specializes in play therapy. Play Therapy is a revolutionary and highly effective type of counseling that helps a child develop and work through traumatic, life changing and/or overwhelming situations in their lives. Amy believes in the "Power of Play" for kids (and adults) and has seen the benefits of these techniques in a counseling setting, as well as in a home setting with parents. Amy is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with certified training in Play Therapy.

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