It’s very hard to be a parent! I understand as I learn and grow with my husband and little girl.  It’s tough. So, this page is completely devoted to getting you connected with helpful resources. From the tPoP E-Newsletter which provides helpful content for you and your child, to other counselors and resources who may be able to help where I can’t, to videos and case studies, I want this to be a helpful source of information for you. If you’d like me to add content to an area, let me know. I want this to be a great resource for parents and guardians who need all the info they can get to build strong and positive relationships with their kids!

Find some great resources below:

Association for Play Therapy — The Association for Play Therapy is a non-profit national organization committed to play therapy and helping kids by providing effective methods of therapy.

Play Therapy Videos — Check out all the videos we could find on Play Therapy and how it may help you with your child!